Our Private Line

Wedding Gowns

We are proud to carry our Private Line of Wedding Dresses by a top designer in the Bridal industry. These designs are well known right here in the USA and will not be available anywhere but at our Bridal Shop. These Bridal Gowns have a reputation of the best fit and styling available. They boast some of the best-selling designs in the bridal gown industry. All our in stock dresses are not over $2200.00, but we can order the more elaborate dresses for your special day if you would like us to. We have bought out several bridal shops over the last year and have around 300 wedding dresses you may purchase off the rack. We also ship dresses from our website to all over the country. Call for pricing today.

Gown Preservation

We also have a great deal on preserving your perfect gown and your accessories as well. Stop by today and check our our great value on this service.